HIFU Non-Surgical skin lifting

HIFU stimulates collagen production by delivering focused ultrasound energy to ‘non-surgically’ lift and tighten the skin’s foundation layer without any incision to the surface of the skin. It uses ultrasound energy to encourage the production of collagen, which results in firmer skin.

The results of the treatment are gradual but continue to improve over time and offer long lasting results. It takes time for collagen to regenerate, tighten and mature, and the rate and degree of improvement may vary between individuals.

HIFU Facelift- how it works?

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This is a machine-based treatment, regarded as the most advanced non-surgical facelift in the world.

Hand pieces are repeatedly passed across the skin using a hand piece. Through the use of ultrasound waves, the machine penetrates the skin at different depths. There would be rows and rows of dots or hot spots inside the skin where the ultrasound hits.
In this case, we're targeting a very deep layer known as the SMAS layer. In a surgical facelift, the surgeon gets hold of this layer and lifts it.
HIFU, however, does not require incisions, surgery, or downtime.

Non-surgical skin lifting is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after treatments as people want the results of a face lift without any of the risks. HIFU is the latest to propel to success in this area, with visible results in just one session! 

HIFU targets all the areas of the face individually, including:

The results are overall skin tightening and rejuvenation.

By creating thermal coagulation zones at 3 different selected depths, this highly focused acoustic energy provokes a natural wound healing response.  This results in the formation of SMAS tightening and new collagen, creating a longer term tightening of skin. 

Typically results can be seen within one week of treatment, but further improvements will be seen for up to 3weeks later.  As this is a non-invasive procedure, there is no healing time. 

HIFU Body, how it works?

HIFU Body delivers a 24 line matrix of focused energy at a depth of 1.3cm+7nm. The HIFU hand piece delivers focussed ultrasound waves to a precise depth, causing rapid heating of the focal zone at 1.3mm and7mm under the skin.  The energy increases in temperature as it gets deeper into the skin, causing cellular friction.  Exposing the skin to high temperatures leads to Necrosis of the fat cell (rapid cell death). The controlled movement of the hand piece results in a grid of treated fat cells. 

HIFU treatment areas?

Ageing skin – diminishes wrinkles & fine lines

  • Pigmentation
  • Acne & surgical scars
  • Loose, sagging and crepey skin (face & body)
  • Stretch marks
  • Uneven skin tone & texture
  • Milia – adult white spots caught under the skin
  • Large pores
  • Loss of facial volume
  • Dull & lacklustre skin
  • Fat reduction
  • Jawline definition
  • Body sculpting

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