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Bio Phyto Herbal Peel

Removes Dead Skin Cells and Boosts Regeneration.
Botanical complex with salicylic acid removes dead skin cells and boosts regeneration. Detoxifies while replenishing cells with oxygen and energy.
An ideal combination of plants, innovative actives and beta-hydroxy acid. Works synergistically to support surface cell turnover. Exfoliates, optimizes circulation and improves oxygenation. Detoxifies, corrects skin imperfections.

Bio Phyto Peeling is a special peeling mask designed for intensive facial skin care

  • Deep cleansing. Provides deep cleansing of the face and neck skin, removes excess sebum and residues of cosmetics.
  • Exfoliating effect. Removes fatty impurities and dead skin cells, improves complexion.
  • Improving microcirculation. Stimulates blood microcirculation in superficial tissues, restores the elasticity of blood vessels.
  • Food. Saturates the skin with all the necessary substances and beneficial microelements, making it smoother and more elastic.
  • Cell renewal. Stimulates the regeneration of skin tissue at the cellular level.
  • Antiseptic action. Has antimicrobial effect, inhibits the activity of bacteria and microorganisms on the skin of the face.

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